Fire Pit and barbecue all in one.

A fire pit can be as basic as a hole dug in the ground or a more elaborate structure of stone, brick, and metal. The common denominator of all fire pits is simply that they’re designed to contain fire and prevent it from spreading. However a permanent pit or structure isn’t usually that practical.

Our Indian fire pit and firebowls are unrivalled and time-tested. With their solid drop handles they’re also very manoeuvrable. They can be stored away when not in use or moved from one spot to the next as the need arises.

Apart from being striking to look at they’re also great to cook on. Our complete range of accessories for cooking on the Kadai barbecue and fire pit includes an impressive tripod with chains for suspending specially designed stone griddles and hanging bowls.

We also have perforated mesh grill trays that let you make the most of charcoal cooking without risking smaller ingredients falling through the gaps in the grill. Our specially designed skewer racks ensure your kebabs won’t stick to the grill either.

There are many specialist and unusual accessories such as the Zhara roasting pan which would have traditionally been used across India with a Kadai for cooking samosas, pakoras, sweets and other Indian delicacies. However, it can also be used over hot charcoal to roast chestnuts, cook steaks, vegetables, popcorn or even pizzas.

fire pit on patio

Shown here is our mini Kadai fire pit and barbecue. You can extend the summer evening on even the smallest patio.

It can get a little chilly once the sun’s gone down – Even in the middle of summer. The barbecue may keep you warm enough for a while but if you love spending time in the garden and want to take advantage of the longer evenings then the ability to instantly convert your BBQ’s dieing embers into a fire pit is a surefire and dramatic way of doing so. The Kadai fire pit or fire bowl allows you to recreate the magic of a summer campfire. Cook over the coals with family and friends, then gather round for drinks after dark.

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