Kadai Fire Bowls

There are two different types of Kadai Fire bowl available: original and recycled. Click on the headings below for more information on each type.

Original Kadai Fire Bowl
Original Kadai Firebowls are as the name suggests, the real thing. Each has its own unique character, with no two ever being the same. Having been used for countless meals, the inside has developed a lasting oiled patina with the outside showing signs of years of use on an open fire. Read more about the Original Kadai Fire Bowls

Recycled Kadai Fire Bowl
Made by the same caste of people in India, with the same traditional methods, the Recycled Kadai Fire Bowl is the next best thing to the Original Kadai Fire Bowl – made from recycled oil drums and available in three sizes: 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameters. Kadai Fire Bowls available to buy online